☥ KimKardashian’s Fashion Show

KimKardashian presents Dash – The Debut Fashion Show coming to you guys in 2 weeks! Personally she is one of my favorite creators & I am excited to see whats in store. So go out & buy your tickets now before its too late!

xo, Chinkita


☥ Search Is Over

Cassie & I thank those who gave screenies, we loved each of them but we picked the ones that stood out to us the most. In the future we might be on the search again so don’t give up now . But to those who were chosen,  welcome to the team (:

Congrats To Bijan, Brovd & Dreaminq

Congrats to lannilla, Scotty, kensmooth & Undefeated

☥ The Search

You wanna model for Duplex Ave ? Well now is your chance. We’re looking for 2 other girls & 2 other guys to be apart of the team. Inbox a screenie of your avatar (using *hiresnobg) to Chinkita@IMVU.com, if you have a portfolio thats even better. We don’t judge, show us your style & if you’re picked you will receive a PM back.


Welcome to Duplex Ave ! Cassie (Dominicana) & I (Chinkita) decided to do a blog not because everyone else is doing it or to try & be better but we did it out of how we like to show off our fashion & the way we dress. Others might judge but who cares, it’s how we like to dress. We will be featuring other models, products from top & upcoming developers & throwing contests to win prizes. Enjoy guys (:

Adore Twins